Well I have finally found the time to update this site. I have been very busy with a great many projects (especially related to ExtJS, Senah Touch, as well as some PHP & Java apps).

I have also uploaded my first project to the wonderful GitHub site.

Title: GenerateDataJson
License: GPL V3 (Sorry can’t use MIT, original project is GPL)
This is a fork of the open-source project GenerateData. It adds a much missed feature of being able to generate JSON output. Very useful for all those Javascript/ExtJS apps I have been writing. Please feel free to fork and add your own features.

Install Instructions

1. Clone or download project from my GitHub project page.
2. Copy files to a web-server (Apache will do nicely!).
3. Import the SQL file from the “install” directory into your MySQL database.
4. Edit the global/library.php and update the MySQL database details
5. Access in your browser




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