As a kid I was always fascinated by space and the possibilities that lay in the night sky. Like many children our parents bought a map of our our solar system, much like the one below, it showed the size of planets & moons to scale.

Solar system image to scale

This image always made me think. Just how big is our sun, how hot is it? Well the answer is about 5778 kelvin on the surface and about 15,000,000 kelvin at the core[1][2]. Our Sun contains about 99.8% of the total mass of our solar system, so most of the mass of our solar system is millions of degrees!! Humans can survive, with modern technology, for extended periods, any where between -60 degrees and +60 Celsius . Our to put it another way,  humans can survive in roughly 0.0013 – 0.002% of the temperature range of our solar system.

The difference between 0 Celsius and 36 Celsius (body temperature) isn’t even a rounding error in the temperature range of our solar system. For all intents and purposes we are all walking talking icicles!


Image source

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