If you’ve ever worked for a large multi-national, you’ll know the long it takes to get a new product approved. For multi-million euro projects, meetings must be had, arguments and seemingly endless discussion are the order of the day. Want to put a stop to the talk and start doing? Do what any self respecting Engineer would do, provide (measurable) proof.

18 months back I found myself in this same position. Our existing product was a number of years past its expected End-of-Life, it was already 5 years old, but due to customer demand was still in production. No one was happy, hosting complained of high server requirements, Engineers of the difficulty of development and most importantly users of slow & poor performance.

Numerous options were discussed, but there was little agreement in technology, yet alone in approach. Rather than just complain about it, I decided to do something about it, I decided to buy a book! ExtJS in Action by Jay Garcia. After reading cover to cover I started work on a prototype in my spare time. Once finished I did some more benchmarking, comparing the number of back-end API calls of the existing system to the new prototype. The results, well frankly, spoke for them selves!

It took just one graph to end the debate. A decision was made within days and the project was green light.

Moral of the story: all the PowerPoints promises in the world, don’t stand a chance against real metrics. If you want people to buy into your idea, don’t talk about it, prove it.


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