As part of the site redesign I have added a SSL cert, all HTTP traffic will now automatically be redirect to HTTPS version. The SSL is thanks to StartSSL.  All existing links/bookmarks should automatically redirect to the equivalent HTTPS version. The new look and feel is based on BootStrap V3 and scales well on small devices & resolutions. Finally, fixed a few of the issues that bugged me on the old theme (like the content area being too small, comments not showing a hierarchy). It is not super flashy, with the emphasis on content and readability. No distracting patterns or UI elements.

Change Log:

  • SSL now enabled by default
  • New “Responsive Design” based on Bootstrap V3
  • Switched to Gists for code snippets
  • Comments show nesting/hierarchy
  • Author comments highlighted
  • A few other minor tweaks

If you find any issues please let me know.

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