I have updated my Photobox Downloader application with a bunch of new features and fixes. Photobox recently implemented some heavy throttling for photos download, this update addresses that and more.


Change log for 0.3.2:

  • New retry logic will retry failed (timeout) downloads automatically
  • Can now skip already downloaded files (helps greatly with interrupted downloads)
  • New debug mode (pass “-d”) gives extensive logging
  • Less concurrent photo downloads, to avoid throttling
  • Improved the documentation
  • Updated example
  • Albums with slashes are handled better

Update by running:

  $ npm update -g photobox-downloader

The source code for API usage is available on GitHub project repository.

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  1. Tali says:

    Thank you ever so much for saving me!I had a corrupted hard drive with 4500 photos missing. I never did any back ups (lesson learnt!)and my only saving grace is I always print all my photos via photobox.

    My shock horror when I realized photobox does not offer a DVD service anymore! The only option seems to be to download one photo at a time – not realistic when there are 4500!

    But lucky I found Robert’s Photobox Downloader – special thanks to Robert for updating the application.

    With this wonderful application, I was able to download all 4500 photos without any issues.

    Thank you again! Very very much appreciated!

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